The company owns and manages the web site at It is the premier job announcements web site in Cambodia and is also a well-populated classifieds advertising portal for real-estate, accommodation, vehicles for sale, electronic merchandise as well as other categories. The company facilitates the enfranchisement of businesses and individuals by the proper and intuitive application of digital technologies. The company also operates the web site at which caters to the local live music scene and event production..


The web site was first registered by its owner, Mr. Ken White – an Australian expatriate living in Cambodia, in July 2000. The web site was implemented with a number of comprehensive aims and core values and these are still valid within the context of the company today.

Initially, the web site was used as a flagship for a range of IT consultancies performed by Mr. White and his team of national colleagues. The web site quickly grew to become one of the most popular and well-used web sites in Cambodia, particularly for recruitment announcements and more recently, for classified advertising. In July 2006, Mr. White registered the Krawma Company with all necessary Ministries of the RGC and in February 2007 the company started to collect fees for recruitment announcements.

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